Alicia Terzian

Conductor, Composer

Alicia Terzian is an internationally renowned figure recognized through the different activities: composer, musicologist, conductor, organizer of music life. A student of composition with Alberto Ginastera and sacred Armenian musicology with Father Leoncio Daian (Venice).

She was awarded Municipal Prize (1964), National Fund for the Arts Prize (1979, 1982), the First National Prize of Music (1982) and other prizes. Alicia Terzian has collaborated with international foundations, festivals and organizations: Gulbenkian Foundation of Lisbon, Grenoble Orchestra, Radio France, Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela and many others.

She taught composition, history and aesthetics of music at the National Conservatory, Fine Arts Faculty of the University of La Plata and the Institute of Fine Arts at the Colon Opera House. She was awarded Saint Sahag and Saint Mesrob Medals given by the Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen 1st (1988), Mozart Medal given by the International Music Council (1995).

She is a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts of Chile, International Music Council of the UNESCO, President of the Argentine Music Council.

In 1968 she organized the Encuentros Internacionales de Musica Contemporanea Foundation which, since 1979, are the representatives of the International Society for the Contemporary Music (Argentina). As the Artistic Director of the Encuentros Foundation, she has been promoting the music of Argentine composers in the past 21 years, presenting their works before the International Tribune of Composers (UNESCO, Paris) and at the Annual Festivals World Music Days organized by the ISCM.

Vocal-symphonic music
“Night cantata” (1958)
Introduction and hymn (1959)

Symphonic music
Symphonic movement (1956)
“Prayer for Jymena” (soprano and orchestra, 1957)
Lyric scene (an extract from the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”, 1957)
Symphony N 1 (1957)
Concert for violin with orchestra (1956)
“Contrasts” (1964)
“Atmospheres II” (1970)
“Carmen Criaturalis” (1971)
“Proagen” (1970)

Choreographic music
“ Movement” (1964)
“Shantiketan ” (1970)
“Genesis” (1972)

Chamber music
Quartet (Pastoral, 1954)
3 pieces for string quartet (1955)
Quartet N 1 (1956)
“Obovo” (1969)
“Atmospheres” (2 pianos, 1969)
“Embryo” (voice and viola, 1969)
“Magic squares” (1969)

Chorus music
3 madrigals (1969)
“Ave Maria” (1966)

Voice and piano
3 melodies (on the words after Bayron, 1954)
3 portraits (on the words after Garsia Lorka, 1954)
2 melodies (on the words after Antonio Machado, 1956)

Creole dance
Toccata (1954)
Scale for Diana (1955)
Electro-acoustic music
Type of music dance (1970)
Visual symphony in 2 movements (1972)
“Ciernitic Tower” (1974)