Andrej Babaev


He was born in Karabagh in 1923, died in 1964 in Moscow.

He studied in Baku in the music college at
S. Rustamov. Since 1940 he studied in the Baku Conservatory, the class of composition after
U. Hajibekov, and graduated from in 1950 (the class of K.Karaev) after serving in the army. From 1950 until 1953 he studied the post-graduate courses of the Moscow Conservatory after Yu. Shaporin.

Symphonic overture “Youth” (1948)
Trio (piano, violin, violoncello, (1948)
Symphony la minor (1950)
Notebook of songs
Opera “Artsvaberd” (“The fortress of the eagle”) (1957)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.