Anna Mayilyan


Born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 1988-1992 studied in the Romanos Melikian Music College, vocal department. In the period of 1992-1996 studied at the Yerevan State Conservatory, vocal department. In 1997 got post-graduate vocal education with professor A. Sarajeva. Had a lot of concerts in Armenia. Prize-winner of national Komitas-120 (1994) and Austria-German Music (1996) competitions.

Was on tours in Germany, France: had performances with "Serenade" Chamber Orchestra, gave recitals in Paris at St.Louis en I'lle.

In 1997 specialized in vocal at the European Mozart Academy. Worked with Kerstin Meier, Alexander Satz, Aurelie Nicoles, Salzman, Gorizky, Imre Roman.

Participated in Festival of Young Performers in Hungarian Academy of Sciences Young Performers Festival in Faculty of Education (Yugoslavia), Easter Concert in Hall of Chamber Music in Warsaw (Poland), Festival of Young Performers (Macedonia), European Days Festival in Bratislava (Slovakia), Young Performers Festival in Hall of the Music Academie "Gallerie", (Czech Republic), Young Performers Festival in Hall "Ca Risonico" (Venice), La Grand Europe Festival in Strasbourg (France). In January 1998 took part in the Festival of Spiritual Music in France. In February 1999 had a concert in Paris at the Sall "Gaveau".

From 1998 teaches at the Yerevan State Conservatory, chamber singing department.

Her repertoire includes Armenian spiritual and folk music; European, American Russian music.