Areg Lussinian


He was born in 1935 in Akhaltsikh. In 1961 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatoire, the class of compositions after G. Yeghiazarian and L. Sarian.

Since 1953 he was a lecturer of music theory in the Yerevan music college.

Since 1971 he has lectured in the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute. His works were published in Armenia, Russia, Syria, and the Ukraine. They are counted to be more than 300 recordings and 700 compositions.

Symphonic works
Symphony No 1 (1962)
Symphony - Requiem (1988)
Vocal-symphonic works
“Oh, come the spring of Motherland!” (1967)
“Oh, my nation!” (1973)
“Waiting for the spring” (1981)

Chamber works
String quartet No 1 (1958), No2 (1960)
Trio (piano, violin, violoncello, 1959)
Lyrical piece for flute and piano (1960)

Piano Aquarelles
“Pictures” (1953)
“Circus” (2 notebooks, 1966-1974)
“In the world of children” (1975)
4 quaint pieces (1975)

Vocal works
“Every night” (1963)
“Storks from the Motherland” (1963)
Nostalgia (1965)
Vocal series (voice and piano) on the words after Armenian poets

Patriotic works
Notebook of songs for children “Happy morning” (1975)
“New Year bells” (1981)
“Blue sky” (1982)
“Sanctified wine of Armenia” (1988)
Songs of Karabagh (1993-1995)
“Mother tongue of children”
Armenian music alphabet (39 letters and melodies, 1982)
“12 colours and 12 months” (1986)
Russian music alphabet (33 letters and melodies)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.