Eduard Hayrapetian


Born 1949 in Yerevan, Armenia. Started to create music at school. In the period of 1968-1973 studied composition with Grigor Yeghiazarian at the Yerevan State Conservatory. The Laureate of Aram Khachaturian National Prize (1993).
At present is freelance composer.

His works were performed in Armenia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Russia, Czech, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Greece.

His First Symphony was performed in Opole (1989, Poland), Concert No 3 for violin at the international festivals in Budapest (Budapest International Festival, 1986, Hungary) and Zagreb (Music Biennale, 1991, Yugoslavia), String Quartet No 3 "Quartet of Dreams" at the festivals in Sweden (1992) and in Thessaloniki, (1998, Greece).

6 concerts for violin (2nd - Budapest 1986, 3rd - Zagreb 1983)
1st symphony (1985), 2nd symphony (1987)
Suite for flute, percussion instruments and orchestra (1977)
Concerts: for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
Two concerts for viola
Three concerts for violoncello
Vocal series on the words after Ayzendorf (1989) and on the words after Bayron (1990)
String quartets No1 (1983), No 2 (1989), No 3 (1992, International Festival of modern music in Switzerland), No4 (1994)
Piece for srting ensemble “Last-ballon” (1994)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.