Eduard Sadoian


He was born in 1938 in Yerevan. In 1976 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the class of A. Harutyunian. From 1968 until 1971 he studied in the Moscow Conservatory, in the class of A. Khachatrian.

No 1 (1970)
No 2 (1976)

Symphonic poems
“Sculptor Khoren” (1985)
“Sasun” (1996, Lvov)

“Hello, out there!” (after Wiliam Saroian, 1982, 1987, Yerevan)
“Memories of the princess Volkonskaya”, chamber opera (1978, 1981, Festival of the Soviet Republics)
“Life tree” (after Yu. Fuchic, 1985, 1986 Kislovodsk) (Libretto of the author)

Ballet for children “Dream of Artak” (Libretto of the author, 1966)
“Caricatures of Bitstrup” (1985)

Chamber works
Chamber symphony “Tones and forms” (1993, Yerevan)
Armenian suite (1990, Hannover, International festival “New music days”)
“Poetry” for string orchestra (1998)

No 1 (1967)
No 2 (1982, Praha)

For violin and piano (1977, Yerevan)
For two violins “Conflicts” (1987)
For violin solo (1989, Yerevan)
For violin and violoncello (1983)
No 2 for violin and violoncello (1995, USA)
No 1 for violoncello solo (1978, Portugal)
No 2 for violoncello solo “Contrasting memories” (1994, Sankt-Peterburg)
“Poem” for violoncello and piano (1964, Yerevan)
“Variation” for quartet of wood-winds (1975, Yerevan)
For clarinet and piano (1990, Hannover, International festival “New music days”)
“Caprichio” for quartet and brass-winds (1987, Kharkov)
Sonata-monologue (devoted to the earthquake in 1988)
“Opejd” ( 1990, Norway)
“Blessing” for soprano and string quartet (on the words after Grigor Narekatsi, 1983)

Chorus works
“Walk of life” (a cappella, on the words after G. Narekatsi, 1981, Yerevan)
“Oh, Allseer” (a cappella, on the words after G. Narekatsi, 1994, Yerevan)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.