Edward Mirzoyan


Born in May 1921 in Gori, Georgia, was learned to music from 7 years. In 1925 his family moved to Yerevan, Armenia, where in 1928 he entered the children's group at Yerevan Conservatory. In 2 years this children's group became Spendiarov Music School. His first teachers were A.M. Mnazakanian, O.A. Babasian. By eight he already composed small pieces: march for piano "Murderous Sunday" (1932), piece for piano " Song Without Words" (1935). In 1936 Edward Mirzoyan entered the Yerevan State Conservatory, composition department. He studied in the class of professors S.V. Barkhudarian and V.G. Talian. In 1941 Mirzoyan graduated from the conservatory with diploma work - symphonic poem "Lorezi Sako". In 1944 he composed symphonic poem "To the Heros of the Pathriotic War". The Poem was performed with great succes in December 1944 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 1946 government of Armenia had sent Mirzoyan to Moscow. Composer Aram Khachaturian had big influence to the formation of his creative nature. It is very good seen in Mirzoyan's "Symphonic Dances" and "Overture. In 1948, Mirzoyan returned to Yerevan. From 1949 professor of the compositin department of Conservatory. From that time worked with young composers and educated several generations of Armenian prominent composers. Among them D. Ter-Tatevosian, K. Orbelian, A. Terterian, S. Dgerbashian, S. Nagdian, Ur. Gevorkian, Kh. Avetisian and others. In 1963 Edward Mirzoyan with Komitas Quartet was on tour in more than 40 cities of the USA and Canada. On 5 February 1963 President of the USA John Kennedy met with the Quartet and Edward Mirzoyan. At the tour they had meetings with Igor Stravinsky and Eudgin Ormandy. In 1950-1952 Mirzoyan worked as Secretary at the Composers Union of Armenia, in 1952-1957 Chairman of Armenian Department of Music Fund, in the period of 1957-1991 Chairman of the Composers Union of Armenia. In 1958 he had got the rank of the USSR Honored Artist. In 1963 became People's Artist of Armenian SSR. From 1965 head of the composition department of the Yerevan State Conservatory. From 1977 Edward Mirzoyan the Chairman of Peace Fund of Armenia.

Romance “It is said, that…” (1939)
Symphonic poem “Heros of Motherland” (1944)
“Festival overture” (1947)
String quartet (1947)
Cantata “Armenia” (1948)
Sonata for violoncello and piano (1967)
Symphony for string orchestra and kettledrum (1962)
“Poem” for piano
Melody “Shushanik” for symphonic orchestra (for the film “Chaos”, 1973)
“Eternal movement” for violin (1964, two versions)
Poem-epitaph, (devoted to Aram Khachatrian, 1978)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.