Grigor Hakhinian

Composer (1926-1991)

He was born in 1926 in Yerevan, died in 1991.

In 1957 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the composer faculty, the class of G. Yeghiazarian. Since 1974 he was the chairman of the Armenian Department of the Music Fund. Since 1969 he lectured in the Yerevan Conservatory, since 1981 was an assistant professor.

Opera “The man from legend” (1970)
Lyric opera “Tsovinar” (1973)
Ballet “Akhtamar”
Ballet “Sako from Lori” (1961)
Ballet “Willow” (1969)
Operetta “50 milions for the head” (1967)
Symphony N 1 (1968) and N 2 (1975)
Concert for violin (1957)
Concert for trombone (1977)
“Sayat-Nova” (1963)
“Song of wine” (1976)
Oratorio “Tondrakians” (1965)
“Armenian suite” for ensemble of popular instruments (1957)
Symphony N 4
Chamber music
Collection of songs
Music for film and theatre

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.