Grigor Narekatsi

Composer (951-1003)

Grigor Narekatsi (951-1003) is a poet, philosopher and musician. He spent his childhood in the monastry in the village Narek, and got his pen-name by the name of the village. Here he studied at his uncle’s - Anania Narekatsi. The masterpiece of his poetic and philosophic ideas is the poem «The book of griefs» - a dialogue between the God and the human being applying to the God for begging his forgiveness for his sins while enumerating them aiming to aquire the divine perfection.

Grigor Narekatsi is the author of psalms surpassing the forms of the period: «Havun-Havun», «Havik», «Chariot of Christ, descending from mountains».

The famous A. Shnitke wrote a concert for chorus on the words after G. Narekatsi.