Jhon Ter-Tadevosian

Composer (1926-1988)

He was born in Yerevan in 1926, died in 1988.

In 1952 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the class of violin of V. Portugalov, and in 1961 - the class of compositions after E. Mirzoian. From 1942 to 1952 he played in various orchestras of Yerevan. From 1952 to 1959 he founded and, meanwhile, was the director and teacher of the children’s music school after K Saradjev.

Symphony N 1 (1957)
Symphony N 2 "With reading "Fortune of man" by M. Sholokhov" (1959)
String quartet N 1 and N 2 (1955, 1967)
Concert for violin with orchestra (1977)
Symphonic poem "Memories of Yeghishe Charents" (1963)
Symphonic suite "Othello" (1970)
Symphonies N 1, N 2, N 3
Instrumental pieces
Variety songs
Music for film

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.