Khachatur Martirosian


He was born in Amadan (Iran) in 1945. In 1969 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatoire, the class of violin of H. Abadjian, and in 1975 - the class of compositions after G. Yeghiazatrian.
Since 1974 he has lectured in the folk music faculty of the Yerevan Conservatoire, since 1989 he is a professor. He edited more than 2000 melodies from 3000 created in defferent regions of Armenia.

Concert-fantasy for violin and orchestra (1976)
Concert for ensemble of violinists and piano (1979)
“Nostalgia for the Sun”, vocal series for women’s voice and ensemble of violinists (1977)
“Songs of refugees” for women’s voice and instrumental ensemble (1982)
Concert-rhapsody for viola and symphonic orchestra (1977)
Symphonic poem “Zartonk” (“Awakening”) (1978)
“Legend” for ensemble of violinists (1981)
3 choruses a cappella (1979)
“Reaping”, song of mower
“Extol to son-in law” (Yerevan, Moscow, Baltics)
Collection for children’s chorus (children’s ensemble “Arevik” (“Sunlet”) (USA, Beyrouth)
Pieces for piano (1984-1994, Yerevan, Moscow)

A member of the Composers’ Union of Armenia.