Koryun Aharonian


He was born in Montevideo in 1940. He studied music and architecture. Then he continued his education in Chili, Argentina, France, Germany and Italy under the leadership of Luidi Nanno, Ligetti, Ksenakis, Kagel and Stockhausen.

He was a chorus leader, and lectured composition and music-criticism in the National Univertity of Urugway and at the Institute of Music Training. He took a teaching activity, hold maestro-classes and seminars in Argentina, Urugway, Paragway, Bolivin, Brazil, Venesuella and Spain.

His acoustic and electro-acoustic works were performed and recorded all over the world.
He is also the author of music for theatre and film. He is a member of the International Executive Committee for the study of folk music and International Community of modern music. He is also the secretary of the International Community in Latin America.

He wrote works of art and articles that published in Latin America, North America and Europe.
From 1984 until 1985 he lived and worked in Berlin. In 1993 he got the order for the Festival “Danauesshigen”. In 1996 he was invited to the Berlin Academy of Art.

“Music for aluminia” (1967)
“Praise to the arrow, piercing the breast of Don Juan de Solis” (1970)
“Gran tiempo” (1974)
“Save children” (1976)
“Esos silencios”
“¿Y Ahora?”
“I speak, it is a wish” (1979)
“And now?“
“Metis” (1993)
“Music for the fives” (1972)
“Lorenzaccio” (1968)