Mesrop Mashtots


The famous ancestor of Armenians Mesrop Mashtots is the founder of the Armenian Alphabet and the author of wonderful poems, psalms and sharakans - original sacred songs.

He lived and created in the middle of IV-V centuries (362-440). The Hellenic culture and deep knowledge of multiple languages like Persian, Assyrian and others played a great role in his formation as a scientist.
In 394, at the age of 32, Mesrop Mashtots was canonized.

Though the Christianity was disseminated in Armenia in the 1st century, it was declared as the state religion in 301. In 405 Mesrop Mashtots created the Armenian Alphabet. The purpose was to unify the isolated regions and dialects.

Since 387 Mesrop Mashtots was the secretary of the Catholicos of Armenia Sahak Partev. As a great teacher he educated a brilliant galaxy of such scientists like Ghevond Vanandetsi, Koryun, Eznik Koghbatsi, Hovsep Parnetsi and others.

Mesrop Mashtots was buried in the village of Oshakan, not far from Echmiadzin.

The great creation of the Armenian Alphabet has undergone no changes in the course of 16 centuries.

One of the richest book depositaries of the world, the museum of ancient manuscripts - Matenadaran is called after the Saint Mesrop Mashtots.