Armenian Artists


Was born in Yerevan. Has studied in Yerevan Chaikovsky School (the class of Prof. H. Bogdanian), Novosibirsk Conservatory and Liubeck High Musical School (the class of Prof. Z. Brone, Germany).


Ohan Durian was born and raised in Jerusalem.


Ohannes Tchekidjian was born in 1929. From 1951 to 1953, he was studying music at "Ecole Normale de Musique" in Paris.


Pavel Lisitsian, operatic baritone, was born on November 6, 1911. He died on July 6, 2004, aged 92.


Born in Aleppo in 1968, he graduated from Yerevan Conservatory in 1999. Currently he is doing his post-graduate studies under Professor Danielian. Mr.

Conductor (1927-1997)

He is an Armenian conductor, pedagogue. He is a People's Artist of RA (1979). In 1951 has graduated from Yerevan Komitas Conservatory department of stringed instruments (violin, Prof. K.


He was born in 1939 in Yerevan. In 1969 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the class of compositions after K. Zakarian and E Mirzoian.


He was born in 1913 in Tiflis, died in Yerevan in 1971. At the age of 15 he could play 32 sonatas of Bethoven. He got music education in Tiflis in 1929.


He was born in 1883 in Kizliar, died in Yerevan in 1935. In 1905 he graduated from the Rostov music college.


He was born in Yerevan in 1937. In 1966 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the composer faculty, the class for compositions after E. Mirzoian.