Armenian Artists


George Pehlivanian captured international attention in 1991 when he became the first American to win the Grand Prize at the prestigious Besancon Conducting Competition at age 27.


He was born in 1919 in Moscow, died in Yerevan in 1986.


Born in Krasnoyarsk. Graduated from the Yerevan Tchaikovsky Music School, the Yerevan State Conservatory and the post-graduate studies with Professor Karp Dombaev.


Gevorg Budaghian was born in 1975 in Yerevan, Armenia, and began his violin studies at the Tchaikovsky Music School, and then the Yerevan State Conservatory - studying with Petros Haykazyan, Villi


Gevorg Mouradian began his music studies at the age of 17 and in 1973 he became a graduate of the department of Symphony Conducting at the Komitas Conservatory in Yerevan.

Conductor (1899-1978)

Gevorg Budaghian - conductor, Professor of music, public figure, People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia since 1945.

In 1929 graduated from Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

Composer (1926-1991)

He was born in 1926 in Yerevan, died in 1991.

Composer (951-1003)

Grigor Narekatsi (951-1003) is a poet, philosopher and musician. He spent his childhood in the monastry in the village Narek, and got his pen-name by the name of the village.

Composer (1908-1988)

He was born in Blur (present Turkey) in 1908, died in Yerevan in 1988.


He was born in 1920 in Tiflis. In 1953 he graduated from the Yerevan Conservatory, the composer faculty, and in 1958 - the post-graduate courses of the Leningrad Conservatory.