Armenian-Turkish Youth Orchestra Gave Three Concerts in Istanbul in July 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The idea of conductors Nvart Andreassian Gaspard (France/Armenia) and Çem Mansur (Turkey) to establish an Armenian-Turkish Youth Orchestra (ATYO) was supported by the Anadolu Kultur, Turkey, and the Cadence Music Centre, Armenia . Music has no borders, it has immense positive influence on peoples of all races and confessions, brings peoples closer and makes them open for communication and friendship. It is easy to imagine how positive could be the process of creating music by young people of Armenian and Turkish origins who were born and grew up in atmosphere far to be called friendly and tolerable. It is necessary to invest a lot of positive energy in changing mentality of young people of two neighbor countries and music definitely contains the most powerful positive energy ever created by human. The project of Armenian-Turkish Youth Orchestra establishment is an effective and practical step in opening cultural borders between both countries; music of Armenian, Turkish, classical and contemporary composers to be performed by the orchestra in Turkey, Armenia and other countries will make young musicians to feel proud for joint efforts to perform works accepted by peoples of different generations and educational backgrounds. Without doubt the young people who rehearse and give concerts together will have different and much friendly attitude on human level. The current project has four stages three of which are successfully realized: First (January-February 2010) – auditions of musicians in Turkey and Armenia took place and 68 artists from both countries were chosen as members of the ATYO; Second (March-June 2010) – preparation of concert programs, scores, instruments, equipment, concert halls for rehearsals and concerts, work with chosen artists over concert programs; Third (05-18 July 2010) – rehearsals and three concerts of the 68-member ATYO took place in Istanbul, Turkey; Fourth (29 September- 03 October 2010) – rehearsals and two concerts have to take place in Yerevan and Gyumri, Armenia. The project’s first stage has started on 15 January, its fourth stage will over on 03 October 2010. At the moment the Anadolu Kultur and Cadence Music Centre work over a program of the ATYO activities for the period of 2011-2013 including recordings, concerts in Turkey, Armenia, the Balkan and other European countries, the USA, Caucasus Republics of Russia and other countries, including those with big Armenian and Turkish communities. CONCERTS IN ISTANBUL Armenia-Turkey Youth Orchestra met music lovers in Istanbul in July. The orchestra initiated by conductors Maestro Nvart and Cem Mansur has staged three performances in Istanbul after completing their preparations hosted by Bogazici University (BU). The first concert for BU students and the faculty took place at the Garanti Cultural Center on July 13th with the support of the BU Music Club. The following concerts were organized at Boyakudu / Prinkipo Island on July 15th and at Cemal Resit Rey on July 16th. The Armenia-Turkey Youth Orchestra is supported by Anadolu Kultur, Bogazici University and Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). The orchestra plans to perform in Armenia in the fall of 2010.