First World Music Festival

World Music Festival is held from 20 to 26 May 2000 at Chamber Music Hall, Yerevan, Armenia
Artistic Director is Gerard Kurdjian (France)

The traditional music of the world was brought to the public at the beginning of the seventies by some great musicologists and searchers, among which Alain Danielou, the French specialist of India and Eastern philosophies had probably the most preeminent influence.

At that time, from the first commercial long play records, the first concerts and Festivals, the music lovers of Europe and USA start to gather in large numbers to listen to this enchanting music.

Since thirty years now, the traditional music of the world has not only attracted a large public in all the continents, but also has major influences on the creators of pop-music and jazz.

At the beginning of the third millenium, traditional or world music is now fully the part of the musical landscape, and coming from Africa, Asia, the Arabic world, Europe or Americas it is present on the major concert-halls of the planet.

Armenia, the link between East and West, Europe and Asia, a historical land of culture and art, is a place of meeting, where traditionally many influences cross.

Armenian people, in his mother land, and also abroad, has shown his adaptability and, at the same time, his strong links to his roots and identity.

Created following Gerard Kurdjian and Nika Babaian's initiative, this first Yerevan World Music Festival is in line with a great cultural movements of our time and fits also in the traditions of open-mindedness of Armenia.

Gerard Kurdjian is a musician, specialist of the eastern traditions and particularly involved in the music of North India. He is also the founder of several World Music Festivals in France and the present art director of the renewed Fes World Sacred Music Festival in Morocco.

Nika Babaian is a musical promoter and producer, a creator of several musical events and festivals in Armenia.

The program of this first Yerevan World Music Festival will present to the Armenian public, and for the first time in this country and in this type of music, artists of the highest level, that have performed in the major venues of the Europe, Japan and USA.

Juan Carmona, on guitar, and the singer José Mendez, are at the top level of the present Flamenco music.

Budhaditya Mukherjee is the leading sitarist of India and the Caravanserail Trio, at the crossroads of Jazz and Indian music, has delighted recently the public of Pakistan.

Some of the greatest Armenian traditional artists, like Araik Bakhtikian, Hovhannes Darpinian, Anna Mayilyan, will also be present at this Festival.

Artists from Russia - Arkady Shilkloper Duo and Georgia - "Georgian Voices" Ensemble will join this program making it a beautiful musical landscape.

After the difficulties of the recent period in Armenia, this Festival wants to be the first of a long series and a step toward a new cultural life, more open to the world.

20 May 2000
Georgian Traditional and Sacred Music

21 May 2000
Meditations and Improvizations

24 May 2000
HORNOLOGY, Improvisations

25 May 2000
MASTERS Ensemble (Armenia)
Anna Mayilyan - soprano,
Araik Bakhtikyan - duduk,
Hovhannes Darbinyan - tar,
Hakob Khalatyan - kamancha,
Armen Ghazaryan - duduk,
Vazgen Makaryan - duduk,
Robert Durunts - dhol, dap
Armenian Traditional Music

26 May 2000
Indian Traditional Music

World Music Festival is held from 20 to 26 May 2000 at Chamber Music Hall, Yerevan, Armenia Artistic Director - <b>Gerard Kurdjian</b> (France)
Saturday, May 20, 2000